Judging a person doesn’t define who they are, but it defines who you are.

It is an unsaid yet understood fact, that every single human being on this planet scrutinises and judges every other person he or she may see, meet, interact or have sex with.
It’s not a matter of if, rather of when. Everyone has a spectrum, upon which one starts off judging someone, except that it often doesn’t have an extremity where judgements end. I might (I totally will) judge a woman wearing cheetah print anything with a pearl necklace, and some one might judge me for showing up in a tux to a shopping mall.
From Ross undergoing three divorces or dating a student from university to Indian mothers thinking of being gay as a disease and calling pandits to get some wizardly *purification* done to make things “normal” is just one of those things that one may judge another person for.
The judging gets mental…
It’s quite a spectacle for a statement, “the first impression is the last impression”. Often, the basis of judgement is clothes and appearence. I mean wearing a cheetah print with pearl necklace is so tacky (Or a cheetah print in any form for whatever reason, anytime after 1995).
Who in this world wants to dress up in gowns in tux and visit a shopping mall until unless there is an event in the mall, or something wrong with their brain? Face scars, dimples, moles, facial hair, glittery boots and twenty layer makeup to college and wearing lounge pants to a birthday party. Doesn’t all this invite some serious brow-raising? Except, there are times when we all dress up like we are the show stoppers and sometimes like homeless drug addicts because its the mood we carry and the our perceptions about things.
Honestly today fashion perceptions are based on what people would think about us and not how we truly feel about a particular item. For the sake of an example,There will always be someone with confidence and self-esteem issues saying “Short skirts? ooo my boyfriend will find me sexy, 6 inch heels? I know that i’ll be walking like a newborn goat, but as long as i don’t move, I’ll look above and beyond” we dress to impress not what we will be comfortable wearing! That’s probably because that’s been socially certified as a trait of senior citizens. Or those who have given up on life. Much like when someone wears crocs. (Why do they exist, by the way?)

After checking your wardrobe and throwing away a few clothes some of you must be thinking that clothes are a temporary topic of discussion and you cant go on judging on just what the person wears or how that person looks.

Well agreed clothes come off but decisions made about stuff affecting others sticks to you like a tattoo and invites some serious drunk experts’ opinions.

When we talk about people judging, and voicing their opinions it is two different things but well some people are so screwed up in this definition, and just cannot keep it in their pants when it comes to discussing controversial topics, or anything really, except their typical love for “people” like Salman Khan or Honey Singh. It is insane how people without knowledge and know how about a particular issue poke fun and give their ( what they think as expert) opinions. Whether its Modi’s new governing policy or the ISIS issue, a few bottles of beer, and a patiala, and typically the men just start off creating blueprints of nations and how would they run them. (Yeah, okay, they’re sometimes quite brilliant, but that’s not the point.)
The amount of metaphysical conversations and ideologies which  people represent is also extremely funny. Its so hilarious that people make judgements on people’s judgements and they don’t even know sometimes what they are talking about.
There are times when they comment on decision of domains which they are not even specialised in. It is also insane how social media floods in with random comments from people from the most remote parts of Africa to uptown parts of California within seconds. (Except in india, where a web-page usually takes an eternity to load even after the porn ban).
People and messages go rampant on social media specially Facebook and Twitter.

While I hit upon using social media as a platform for expressing voices and opinions, there is a whole new wave of the pride march and gay parties which is actually upsurging and getting more views and comments than my girlfriend’s short dress, pink lipstick pout and high heels picture clicked on the Eifel tower.

One of the community which suffers a whole lot of discrimination is the LGBT community. Especially in India, it is appalling how Indian mothers, friends, family members think of being homosexual. They hold abstract and completely dafuq opinions and beliefs about homosexuals, often deeming then worse than rapists (Because their stupidity leaves them to believe that ruining someone’s life and probably driving them to suicide is better than loving someone who shares a similar set of genitalia with you).

Seriously straight people, what is it? “Sorry, i can’t form an emotional bond with you because you don’t have a vagina?” *Judges deeply*. There are laws which in brief, disallow “unnatural” sex. What does one mean by this?
LIGHTBULBS are more unnatural than homosexuality, stupid fucking retards. If you hated the British so much, why are you still following their archaic laws, WHICH EVEN THEY dismissed a very long time ago?
Homosexuality, in addition to many other things, including the worship of sex, as a practise, pertains a whole lot more to “Indian culture” than one might be led to believe by stupid assholes. Don’t believe me? book yourself a flight to any south indian temple. Parents behave as if they are scarred for life if they find out that their daughter or son is homosexual, but think about it, at least they won’t get pregnant and ruin their careers/ childhoods.
They think of such things as a disease, and in most cases, refuse to accept them.
There are studies and actual experiments which show it is antagonising for people to change their sexual orientation and rather its biological and very natural to be homosexual.
And there are some futile judgements which are made about homosexuals and their relationships, the relationship won’t last long and they wont do a justified job at parenting kids.
Just for the information to all you people out there, the fact that relations don’t last long is due to differences which can happen in any relation and its better to not have a relation than to marry someone you can’t fuck or get fucked by happily.
Also there is no set manual or recipe for parenting wherein the exact ingredients will result in a rich successful well settled child.

Well all that matters is that someone might wear flip flops or be fat because they are comfortable and proud of that and people may have various other things which they are confident or comfortable about but that is no reason to judge them discriminate them or not date them!

Let’s not judge people and accept them as they are and once we learn this let’s respect them!


3 thoughts on “Judgementalism…

  1. Archana says:

    I agree as the whole thinking pattern has shifted from intelligence to being judgemental……but my query is do we want to get out of this vicious cycle of judging peple and getting mental about it….who has the time and knowledge to discuss reality…


  2. vedant1997 says:

    Well it is completely upto the population and the people of a particular country, community and group whether they enjoy or get entertainment out of judging people and they are just doing it because they don’t have a life. And because people do not think about discussing reality when it actually does exist. We are surrounded by reality and it’s important for us to learn how to function.


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