Man Bun or Man Ban

This topic is one of my favourites where I can actually debate whether in India the man bun is more famous or the bans which make the man handicap.

In the past, the decisions taken by our government have eroded all need theories and forced and continue to force the men of this motherly country to hunt  for alternatives to fulfil needs such as raping!

Chaar Bottle Vodka

Let me begin with the latest attempt of our government which is to make Bihar a dry state! In the most colloquial way ,I would like to raise a question ” ee ka karat ho babua?”

If you get a chance to conduct DNA tests on a few people in Bihar, there is a high possibility of obtaining an extract of alcohol rather than blood.

Alcohol runs in the blood of the people. Whether it’s the poor or the aristocrats, celebration means DAARU! Wedding anniversaries to Chhath pooja to gambling- kyunki pitcher abhi baaki hai mere dost!


Even when we look at it objectively, how does the government plan to control the smuggling of Imperial blue and Antiquity in places where people brush their teeth with bottles of Jack.

What would Rahul Gandhi do? I mean spare him the horror. No girlfriend, no votes, no brains his only friend is alcohol…. colleges can’t keep entertaining him.

P.S. read reports on Rahul Gandhi paying a visit to NMIMS MBA campus.

No Alcohol…Let’s play odd and eve!

I think there is some connection between Arvind Kejriwal and Rahul Gandhi. The only difference would be that one gains popularity by coughing and dressing in the most scandalous way and the other through his speeches.

Literally, what has the level of our politicians fallen down to?


Nursery kids…sitting in the parliament and playing odd and eve. Yes. That’s right.I am talking about the implementation of a rule which has started another drama in every household which is ” which car should I take to office today, can you please check the calendar?”

It’s hilarious and the loopholes are even more epic.

And we all laugh and enjoy when Rahul Gandhi talks about women empowerment,but Mr. Kejriwal took it very seriously.

Women are allowed to drive any car on any day and then Priyanka Chopra comes grinning on a scooty shouting “why should boys have all the fun?”.


Is our public transport facility even developed to facilitate the commuters who would have to face issues because of this? I think not. The buses are still filled with creepy couples making out with tongues sticking out of the window and the only air freshener is smelly armpits (please carry deodorants).

Porn is unnatural too!

Rahul Gandhi is truly a public figure. I don’t think any personality would have been so helpful in creating examples for my blog. Let us talk about the criminalisation of article 377. This article is so vague and stupid which actually shows how intellectually strong our supreme court is. You can’t dig deeper because our rule makers have already reached the hole! Oh! I meant loop-hole.

Poor Rahul Gandhi, firstly he doesn’t have a girlfriend, can’t watch half of the porn websites, was caught sleeping in the meetings and now his only hobby masturbation is also made illegal. Now momma should find a Mrs. Rahul Gandhi or else the youth be prepared he might leave the country and a source of entertainment will be gone forever.


Honestly, the implementation in itself is a major loophole because our police has more important and high profile cases to solve than to crack open asses of people jerking off to ‘ I love you puspa’.

And going slightly off point but guys come on if you scribble ‘I love you puspa’ in men’s washroom…..Puspa doesn’t use men’s toilet.


And as I spoke about the alternatives, for some men, sex = rape.

Rape cases haven’t gone down, in fact they have taken a turn and a lot of pedophile cases have been reported.

This may sound clichéd but there is no denying  the fact that India is developing but we need to focus on what are the repercussions of our decisions would be. We need to study, analyse the behaviour of certain groups and then make informed decisions as to thinking through the implementation and progress of the idea. India does not need any more bans, it needs means and ways to educate people and change the orthodox thinking which leads to grave and gruesome problems.




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