Step out of those heels!

One question which you all must be wanting to ask would be “Chahte kya ho?”

But if you’re still hooked on to this blog you will find that this makes absolute sense for people who build a cocoon around themselves by allowing only one characteristic to define them.

We all have that one quality which differentiates us from others. For instance Ross has the quality of being a divorcee, Arvind Kejriwal the brand ambassador of benadryl, Narendra Modi – the awkward hugger.GQ-Modi-Hug-Fraccois-Hollande

But we need to realise that there exists a fine line between differentiation and definition. We get addicted to the fame and glamour we receive from this quality that we let our life revolve around this quality.

Now you must be wondering what that quality is it that you associate your life with, consciously or unconsciously. If you are still confused just ask your friends what they call you- snobbish? The break up guy? Tale tattler? Teacher’s pet? If someone called you bad ass just clarify whether you are bad ass or you just have a bad ass! I mean it’s good to be aware.

But if you all are still confused….

Let me help you all out by providing some clarity on this topic. I would like to take up a community which I am very close to. The gay community. It is a beautiful community with fabulous people but its wrong to associate them as just gays. They are so much more than that. I understand how it feels to have that limelight moment, that ‘slumdog millionaire’ moment where you are being treated from a rag to the riches. Roaming the college with diamond heels and lipstick is a way to exaggerate a very small aspect of your life.

It must feel delightful when girls would come and request you to be their shopping advisor since you’re gay or they would feel comfortable and would make you their best friend since every girl has this #lifegoal of having a gay best friend. But its not a very pleasant thing to be known just for stealing your mother’s heels and purse.

I am not saying don’t be proud of what you are but allow people to see other traits of your personality.

This is the part where you start feeling morbid and hollow. And I am sure you have reached that stage where you have started Googling famous personalities like Donald Trump or Albert Einstein and their characteristics to analyse and be something close to them. You want to sleep and wait for a fresh morning to showcase all of these traits.

The next morning you would wake up dramatically and open the windows of your room hoping that the golden sun rays would help a different trait of your personality rise and shine but instead rush to get hold of a face wash because it was all muck that came in.

You leave your house to follow that same daily routine and find yourself stuck in the same vicious circle of people knowing you for one trait of yours. Now you fear that that trait may not stick with you for long and may actually make you appear like a clown later on.

Then another wave of motivation comes in when the ‘Jaago re’ commercial plays on television and the slick woman comes and starts painting.

But the only one who can change the situation is actually you. All you need to do is set on a voyage to discover yourself.

I guess we all have been through interviews and there are some clichéd questions which are asked and that one question which annoys you the most is the question which you need to answer.

Not ‘What is your name?’ though I hope you know the answer to this one.

But ‘Tell us your five strengths and weaknesses’ for which the fixed answer is “I am hard working” and “I procrastinate though working on it”.

You just need to fill the blanks in. You need to figure out things which will help you gain respect and not just 120 likes and some stupid shares on your profile picture. And this is time when you get to action and start enhancing these traits.

We all have various things for which we should be known and associated with. Don’t let these things get shadowed by temporary fame and sham of a trait which you cannot wear with style and respect.







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