Let’s get socially un-awkward!


So finally updating this blog site after almost a month. I couldn’t think of any topics, to be very honest, to write upon. But when that eureka moment came as yiruma says river ( of words) flows in you. Well, apologies for the pathetic joke.

This post does not talk about judging others, or waiting for someone to walk into your life or creating an identity for yourself but of going out and having a blast….. ALONE.

How many times do we weep about the fact that we saw Princess Diaries and we do not have a gang which consists of ‘ Lana’ and ‘Montana’. Well you don’t need sassy people to enjoy in life.

Have you ever considered doing things alone? And have you backed off because you don’t want to feel like a loner?

Well, if you did that then you are stupid. Why? Why? Why?

Let’s go economical. Have you guys heard about opportunity cost?

Yes, you just lost an opportunity to do something. When people are “unavailable” or “not reachable” you don’t “try again later”, you go ahead with your plan, tweet, snap, facebook and flood the social media pages with how much fun you actually had without them. “That’s what makes you beautiful”. No I am not a ‘One Direction’ fan.

Coffee corners are alone without cheesy pick up lines… Give me a break.

Really, aren’t coffee dates too old now?  I know the whole list of 101 classic ways of going on dates but wouldn’t you want to chill around and gain some perspective by sitting and ogling over the barista’s cute ass, instead of faking to weep over someone else’s break up story and trying to stare into not so magical eyes. Please buddies don’t generalise, I am the kind who reads books in coffee shops and enjoys caramel lattes. Is what you wear on a coffee date decided by your fashion buddy? You don’t need to wait anymore for him to clear his schedule to take you out and put “some sense in you”.

Shopping.. where is my fashion buddy?

Well agreed your cupboard is a disaster and you need to chuck most of it out. But for once go out and buy over sized clothes and not be judged. Also those floral prints might just look good on you which you selected and left off because your fashion buddy said ” you wear that and I swear to God I will disown you”. Read up fashion blogs, try various styles and hit the pubs and clubs with your latest outfit, which brings me to my next topic….

…Clubbing. Where is the party tonight?

Facebook! Pub crawls! Beer pong competitions! #YOLO go win #SOLO. Why? Don’t you want to hook up with that girl who turns the club up when the speakers play ‘ Single Ladies’. That ain’t happening if you’re with your wolf pack drinking LIITs and playing drunken truth and dare. Of course you don’t need “someone to carry you home,TONIGHT”.

Movies… holding hands.. BJs… for once please watch the movie.

Okay for movies like ‘Rocky Handsome’ you need that person from your social circle who cracks the most amazing sarcastic jokes and makes the hero appear as Rahul Gandhi. But for once go out and watch a movie and not give ‘head to random people’ or cuddle with your cheesy partner. This would really help you understand what people tweet about a movie. Some of you give reactions like ” woahhh wait where did that scene come from” , not from the ‘V’ or the ‘D’, it was always there in the movie. #GoGoaGone had zombies.


Goa.. alone? 

#beachshacks #bloodymary #whogivesadamn. Pack your bags and bon voyage! Go out trekking, hiking, cycling, exploring…alone. Make more friends, visit new states. Walk, talk, wear whatever you feel like. You don’t need to care about where someone else would want to stay, or how slow does he/she walk. This is your trip, visit the most shadiest places, shop from the niche local markets, dance with the Rajasthani women. Open a can of beer, sit under the umbrella and just enjoy the waves. Go out photographing each moment, photoshop and post on facebook and boast about the ‘likes’ rolling in.

Discover yourself.

It is also not just about being confident, self independent and not caring about others’ judgements. It has lot to do with you trying to discover yourself. Sounds insane, I know right? But actually when you start trying things alone and start venturing outside your comfort level without any support you realise how good you can be at some things. You really do not need all the pity, support and guidance which others freely throw at you and make you feel obliged. You can go out and experiment with your flaws and perfections. Hone a skill which you have always wanted to be good at. Join some classes, take training in specific fields, pilates, zumba, learn to play guitar…there are a million things which can keep you busy without making you feel the need of people to do things.


Put on a smile, single or in a relationship, and make the most out of the opportunities. Don’t wait for others. #MOVE ON!


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