Break Ke baad….

Well break ups are actually not the worse things in the world!

In fact breaking up is quite fun and at least they validate the saying:

Love is like fart, if you have to force it, it’s probably shit!

I may not be Taylor swift but she writes songs when she breaks up and makes a million dollars and I write blogs when I break up hoping I’ll make a million dollars.

Let’s start from the beginning or maybe lets begin on how almost every other break up ends.

Some might sugar coat why they are breaking up and the most cliché dialogues are:

  1. It’s not you it’s me : Basically you’re an asshole but I don’t want you to improve and I can’t be with one so I would like to be nice and take it on me and probably never want to see you again.
  2. I don’t think it’s going to work out : Babes you got too ambitious. Why would you think about 2032 when you’re in 2016. I obviously want to hang around in the linen of other beds and you have turned boring now.
  3. It’s a conflict of interest and perspectives : For me UK means United Kingdoms and not Uttarakhand. Similarly infatuation is not love, please stop being clingy.


If I quit calling you my lover and move on…..

Burn thy photos, block the contact, lock yourself up and cry, ” ‘boulevard of broken dreams’ and ‘the scientist’ are my favourite songs”……

Honestly, NO, just press the delete button which century are you in, don’t be a sixth grade kid and learn to ignore people in life, most of the people are happy not seeing your face so continue doing that till everyone forgets you, come on switch to Honey Singh at least he will make you cry for honest reasons !


Sitting with rom coms and getting fat due to the double chocolate chip and peanut butter ice cream is also not the solution…. watch your figure you need to bag cuter dates.

ezgif com-resize12_1449658041

So how to deal with breakups?

First of all be glad the monkey and literally that stupid monkey got off your back and out of your life. Someone who would call you after 0.001 seconds to check what you were doing 0.001 second back! In simple words someone whose schedule is to pester  you but forces you to follow the schedule.

Check out the fish pond again and catch better ones. Now that you know what you want for dinner it shouldn’t be that hard.

Go chill out with your friends, grab a couple of beers and Netflix is in town subscribe to it now!



What happens next not in vegas….?

What matters in the end is you got to know what kind of person you don’t want to be with! And let’s all agree that we all secretly if not openly do enjoy a little drama and break ups do give you that!

You get to get back to action and find more frogs to kiss till you find your own dream girl or prince charming!


Also the magic isn’t in getting in a relationship but the magic is staying in a relationship. So none of my relationships lasted for more than a month and I got a thing to improve myself upon from each relationship.

Till you don’t find that genuine person don’t give up hope and once you find them don’t let them go for any reason.

But don’t forget to get in the white linen and enjoy while working up the ladder of having a stable and settled life.

I would like to wish you all good luck with the search while I go and get dressed for my next date!





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