Are we out of the woods…?

My obsession for ‘Friends’ and ‘Taylor Swift’ is never going to end.

Yes it has been a while since I have written or posted a new blog but that was because I was so busy configuring the setting to my psychological control panel. And guess what did I find out….TRASH.

Don’t you feel there are times when you cannot decide how to behave in situations?

What would someone think about me?

How would I feel about myself later on?

One thing leads to another and this creates a lot of irrational fears in our minds as to how to function.

And your knight in shining armour is ‘CONFIDENCE’.

That seems to be a heavy word but it is to be used just perfectly if you want to rise and shine.

So how about I tell you what my story for confidence is and maybe we could discuss yours in the comment section?

I had never been a very confident child since the very beginning. Some of the issues came from the grooming but some of them were there because of the irrational fears I had developed of the universe.


‘Tu jaanta nahi mera baap kaun hai’ was never my line ( not that I didn’t know who my dad was), mainly because I always felt okay to not fight back or show someone that I have the power in me to fight back.

In some cases it works but in some cases walking while looking down just shows you are not confident enough to even stand up for yourself.

So not that you need to boast about your father but have the confidence to stand up when you think something is actually going wrong.



No matter how unique you are, do not be afraid to showcase your talent and abilities and always feel proud about your skills. Be aware of the limits of your skills. If you can sing go out try your vocal chords. I recently sang in an open mic and I was dragged along by my friends, because I was too scared and people actually liked my singing though I did manage to scare a few cats away. Well they were “smelly cats”. And another ‘friends’ joke.

Until unless you try your limits, you will not get to know where you have to improve( yes she might want you to do that part better) !



Being the nerd due to the herd. You don’t need to follow what everyone else is doing.

If you do not want to become an engineer do not. Fight for what you actually love doing. When you start working it will be a phase with a lot of hardships and the only thing that can get you through the hardships will be the love you have for your job.

Also today the modern world and the vast array of technology gives you a plethora of options to choose from. From tea plantation manager to a photojournalist the options are endless and sky is the limit.

The whole ‘mera beta toh doctor hi banega aur iski shaadi mehta uncle ki beta se hogi’ phase is deteriorating. So go out and explore yourself.

Well I am still figuring out what I want do !

My journey of where I am today has been somewhat like this :

I took Science in 12th standard being the first and the last I guess in my current family to be a science student. And the decision was purely on the basis to keep my “options” open. Well I never had any options since I did not know what do I really want to do

Then for my under graduation I took up BBA like a boss. And guess why? Yes, to keep my so called “options” open. Now for my third year specialisation I am taking finance, well thankfully not to keep options open but to try my hands on to see if I actually like it or not.


And yet I am doing this happily and confidently. I am not scared of choosing finance or changing streams and even if you are face the opportunities as if you know this stuff.

I would not recommend to be overconfident because it blinds you from your flaws and you fall only flat at your face, because honestly lights can’t guide you home google maps can. Believe in yourself and seize the day because sometimes all it takes is that tiny spark of confidence which can make you say yes to a great opportunity and no to a shitty one.






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