Living in the eye of the hurricane!

So lately I have been very chaotic. Well my mother would disagree with this statement because for her, I guess, I have always been chaotic.

Why do humans always keep running away from chaos and yet always end up in chaos?

The answer is quite simple. And that is because we homo sapiens function in such a way that even though we loathe change and we completely abominate change we actually want change after a specific time period. If we continue to follow the same daily routine, no matter how fancy and glittery it may be, we do tend to get bored.

So where does chaos step in?

Chaos steps in when we are not able to decide the quantity of change required in our routine.

When we get absolutely confused about what we need to do and how to go about following some instructions to reach to an end goal, and getting confused is so obvious for us.

Living in today’s world the options and their counter options cannot be enumerated. They are just vast in number and have little distinction which makes our heads swing from one of them to the other.

Let me cite a few examples to illustrate my point.

When we shop online, the number of shopping portals is huge.

Even if we some how manage to develop loyalty towards a particular online portal the options and tags and things to click on in that portal itself is never ending.

The whole delay in decision making, procrastinating the so needed change causes what we humans call chaos.

It is all about the build up. Chaos is not caused by one wrong decision or the inability to make a single decision but rather the cumulative effect of tiny decisions which inflate and wind up around your neck like an albatross.

Quite clearly, a person who wants change but is unable to decide as to what change he/she requires would tend to get frustrated and would not be able to focus on the other decisions in life. A bad decision at work makes emotional changes in our functioning, which in turn may spoil our personal lives which may lead to breaking of relationships and blurring of thinking. Thus, in short words your life is a chaos.

Why is chaos a negative connotation?

Chaos is not so negative as we paint it to be. Chaos can actually be stepping stones for us and we can learn a lot from a chaotic situation. Not only can we learn from the chaos we are dealing with but from the chaos which others are going through too.

We need to develop the ability to make better decisions about our life  in regards with the smallest things and create strong criterion for making decisions which are flexible yet stable enough to not cause a confusion or disorder while choosing something.

Moreover confused, baffled states also make you reach out to other people for advice and opinions. Use this as an opportunity to bond with people around you. Exchange ideas and opinions and create a better judgement about some topic.

Chaotic situations, though are difficult to deal with, if you deal successfully you can actually realise your capabilities and potential.

Sometimes you might be tossed and turned around but the energy you put in to stay stable and to move on is what brings us a little closer to success.

In this world where everyone is striving for perfection we often forget that we need to go through chaotic situations to achieve perfection. Mistakes are bound to happen but we need to be strong enough to face them, embrace them and move ahead in the journey.

Chaotic situations not only help us grow as an individual but give us experience and insight to problem solving and make us better decision makers. So let us not be afraid of chaotic situation and whenever we land into it let us face it in good spirits.



4 thoughts on “Living in the eye of the hurricane!

  1. Archana says:

    Your skills and thinking pattern are graduating with u… the thought process…..we all can relate to this personally and evaluate ourselves…..I myself dont like confusion and get chaotic when things are not the way I want them to be…..will certainly take it as positively as I can and would like to have a better attitude in such situations

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