Survival of the fittest!

If you go back the memory lane, you might recall that this term ( survival of the fittest ), was coined by  Spencer which, originated through the Darwinian theory. In simple biological terms this means to be physically fit.

But let me ask you all a question.

Is just physically being fit enough to survive in this world?

If your answer is no then we are thinking on the same lines. But if your answer is a yes, hold on to it let us see what is your answer after the end of this blog.

So, time has changed drastically and the generation gap is not only limited to the lifestyle but also the thinking.

Recently Huffington posted a blog article which said that we are the generation that do not want real relationships. For a minute after reading that, I was outrageously refuting and contradicting it and giving myself the sliver of false hope that I do not fit in that category of people who hoax a relationship.

But when I actually pondered upon it I came to realise that I may not be all that bad which the post mentioned but there were certainly some emotional flaws which do act as an obstruction for me in dating people, or keeping healthy relationships.

Survival of the fittest in its true essence does not only mean to have six pack abs or do power yoga daily but ‘Fittest’ has to do with your emotional well being, your decision making ability, your ways to tackle and solve problem, your cognitive ability.

We are criticising others for small and petty reasons and we want to be able to do everything, to create an image and aura but, we do actually tend to forget how we treat others emotionally.

It is very important to keep oneself at a sane and stable position.

Let us take an example:

Recently one of my friends broke up with his girlfriend. There was disputes and a minor conflict before the break up. Instead of resolving it both of them stopped communicating and he called me at night and all he did was panicked and screamed and tried to portray how angry he was.

The end result break up.

Sometimes portraying anger is justified but not communicating and shutting yourself is not how you deal with issues in life.

Well, if you are seriously anger and ready to burst like a volcano you could probably be right but adapting to situations and adjusting is one of the key factors.

There were a few guests at home. They wanted to sleep early and only my room was empty ( well not completely…I mean I was living there). I have been dealing with this severe cold because of Delhi being a gas chamber and guests in my room meant me shifting to my brother’s room and entering his room is like entering a blast freezer. I was angry and upset and disappointed to such an extent that I did not feel like sleeping, I tried to study but I was really sleepy too. What I could have done was, taken medicines and studied for a while and slept with an extra blanket. But I let the whole situation overwhelm me to such an extent that instead of me going to sleep I allowed my cognitive and decision making ability to sleep.

These are not big issues in life which require you to choose a side or invest big amounts but rather serve as learning lessons.

Being emotionally firm, not replying in a haste, making intelligent conversations, having the ability to choose between what is right and what is wrong is actually what makes you fittest.

Be wise, develop your personality, work on your flaws not for others but for yourself. If you have a cognitive ability wherein you are the one who can think the wisest and have a broader and long term picture in mind, it will only help you make better decisions. It will make you stand out. Your personality is for yourself not for others.



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