General Toh Army Mein Hota Hai!

It feels so factually inaccurate yet compelling to make generic statements. Generalising statements, history, facts, talks, arguments and even stories now.

We are surrounded by a world of generalists. Even before we realise our own true self we are made representatives of a crowd which is vast and diverse in its own self.

As insane as it sounds generalising has become a habit.

I’ll put down a few things which most of us would relate to,

The most common are “Tu Delhi se hai?”

Of course, run away I am a rapist. Show off runs in my blood. Drinks? I chug. Have you never in your life come across someone decent from Delhi?

Is it so important to generalise someone from Delhi as a rapist or as the pompous sophisticated person?

Here is another one “Oh! You are a Muslim?”

Yes, I am carrying an AK47 in my bag pack and if I was you I would be running on all fours.

I am sure you don’t make these judgments when you are ogling at Fawad Khan when he strips!

I was on a call with my friend and we were discussing how India as a country is tolerant of the wrong things and intolerant about the right things. And in my opinion, most of the tolerance and intolerance comes from generally accepted norms and regulations. However, we as a society never realise that the norms and regulations we have created are based on vacuous general statements which have no factual backing. Generalising also comes as a part of being proud about the wrong things. “I am sorry did you just say the right thing? I am elder to you hence no matter what you say, I will not stand corrected.”

It hits our ego like a wrecking ball and Miley Cyrus’s wrecking ball is not even close to how big the “ball” gets (Pun intended). How stripped of knowledge and facts we are when we are debating. We hardly take notice of real data and real events and situation to build our conclusions on. Just because one wants to enter a conversation and showcase how intelligent does not mean they actually are intelligent.

Now if you have read this far and realised that this ass is going on making general statements….

…Well yes, I am because how many of us would actually have the mind to stand up and say you are wrong, hence being intolerant about the wrong things. We might be right and we might have the confidence but where does the motivation to stand up and fight against all of this go when the actual time comes to showcase your intelligence.

PR campaigns such as #Nanhi Kali and #Pinjra Tod will only be successful when we stop generalising facts about women, about girls. It is an ongoing debate that men are insecure about their masculinity when it comes to women stepping on the streets and fighting for their rights. However, if we realise the entire war would stop if we stop making judgments about each other on the basis of past incidents. I will agree with you that incidents and past experiences do shape your judgments regarding topics. But is it not in our hands and power to allow it to shape us positively or negatively? Why do we choose the simple path of judging someone from a distant without getting to learn about them?

I have had the past experience of knowing some wonderful people who I personally would have judged if I looked at a distant from, but I learned and grew by merely talking to them.


It is not even funny how many opportunities we miss by just staring at someone and not approaching to know them. It is your loss and soon you will find yourself surrounded by the sharks of this society who will eat you up with your general statements. Survival of the fittest will no longer be valid since we will be hunting each other by our own judgments.

With this new blog post, I propose to kill the half knowledge and keep my cup of life full of the right things. Judging someone is the easiest task and letting things affect you in the wrong manner is even easier. Take a stand and realise the positivity because what doesn’t kill you truly makes you stronger.


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