Candy crush requests are not all that need to be blocked!

I consider myself as a guy propelled to the marketing side of the world. With great marketing skills comes great social media responsibility. However, it is very difficult to sit and analyse the sentiments of the reader or followers on the page. Some might hail the Mary storm and some might out rightly reject it.

Even then, at least this is something you can control, but what about those 10 million and more, creepier social media buffoons out there who have no life, cannot say “social life” because of their tricks and plays on social media, who never miss to amuse you.

The first kind of people who I want to wake up in the morning and punch with my baked beans are the ones who send my candy crush requests. There are so many things wrong with that game.


The very first motive of swiping candies left or right is insane. I mean tinder is easier friends. At least you know you lost your chance before all the candies (eye candies) finish.

Secondly, why do you want to destroy someone’s hopes of having a few hundred likes when the app bling red only slapped by reality to find someone asking for extra lives on some stupid app.

Marc Zuckerberg do your thing, come up with a fancy update to blog these creepy men and women.

The second kind of people are the ones who tag you in the most random posts, most of them being the @has to buy you popcorn.

Let me contradict this by providing some @fun facts.

I am not broke to ask someone to buy me popcorn, half of the time the first letter I type shows my mother’s display picture, rather than tagging him I would call my friend up and ask him to take me out to movies.

The third kind of people are who text and message, oh sorry propose on Facebook messenger.

I am sure we all have come across those people who type “wll u bee my garlfriend/byfriend”

These messages spin my head right round right round when they pop up. I would still go over them if the sentence was grammatically correct or rather the syllables were spelt out right.

Someone actually wrote, “will you be my Garfield?”

The Punjabi messages are even more hilariously harassing. One of my friends was disturbed enough to show how creepy men from the Punjabi population flirted.

“Hllo Ji ssa, kithe jawan g?”

Translated means “Hey hi, where do you want to go?”     Ssa – sasri akaal

Yes, you heard it right that is what that means!  To be honest, in my opinion, the options of blocking, deleting and swiping left are not just enough. There are creepier people and they are increasing day by day. For them messaging someone and harassing is just a joke or maybe entertaining but for the reader that moment while reading these messages is not cool.

It is annoying and irritating to filter through these requests and messages and find one important message. This is a harassment of its own kind.

One of my friend’s recently posted a heinous message that her sister received which was horrifyingly creepy. I am fortunate enough to have that picture to display it. I would not take sides since we all go through this and regulations need to be implemented for men and women alike. Such acts need to be condemned and stopped at once.


Agreeing to some acceptable norms of society is required. We are not intolerant about the wrong things and we need to show that. It is important that we discuss these small though extremely disturbing matters at the grass root level and eradicate them before they become bigger than Taylor swift’s break ups. Let her steal the limelight you, creepy people.

Social media was meant to be a platform to connect, to showcase, to reach out but in a decent manner and not have candy beans jumping in your pants. Take a while creepy guys, I know porn ban has hit you but leave social media alone. May Marc Zuckerberg block you too.

#Go like my new pictures on Facebook, viewers!


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