Just for tags!

Oh how much I love the Indian society and how much I am inspired by those Indian aunties……wait for it……who give you the tag of……


Now this tag is used for a guy getting married, a girl wearing a saree to the beach and also for my 14-year-old brother when he completes his assignments. How ironic is it that when there are so many criteria for judging, everyone is forced to fall into the one category of ‘Accha Bacha’.

Being that ‘Acha Bacha’ is so important for Indian kids that sometimes losing their authenticity and individualism is not a choice. We are so motivated to make sacrifices and compromises for Aunties and individuals that we may not even meet more than once a year.

Those Aunties and uncles, who pretend to be rich, happy and successful but actually are snobs with little or no experience. They want to compare and contrast their children and other kids for a small “chai pe charcha” with other aunties.

The kitty parties and the school parent teacher meetings are bound to echo with stories and tales of ‘Accha Bachaas’.

What amuses me more is that the switch from ‘Accha Bacha’ to a bad individual is faster than the road runner. I mean literally, even if the kid does something wrong, unintentionally, he is deemed to be a ‘Ganda Bacha’.

What the kid wants is never considered. We idealise and we try to be role models, even when our individual selves want a break and want to just ease out.

How quickly do we steal a person’s essence by tagging him and setting expectations for something that person is not and does not want to be!


It is rather demeaning for anyone to be forced to pretend. Dress well, talk well, eat well! I would love to go mad at a Ganpati visarjan and I would love to eat a cheeseburger on a holiday when everyone is pretending to like a green pea salad. I would love to talk about how drunk me and my friends got when everyone at the table is discussing the colour of their sarees, chapals and *beep*.

But oh no! I have to be the ‘Accha Bacha’. What is the point of educating someone if you do not intend to give the freedom of presenting the opinions?

I agree to the point of not educating kids about wrong things, but allow them to express themselves the way they want or sometimes let them be the person they want to be.

It is not just about family gatherings, but weddings, anniversaries everywhere you are made to close your mouth because you single-handedly are, apparently, capable of bringing the reputation of the whole family down.

Not just this you even have the power to change the cycle of life. 

One of my family members ( let us not name them since I am an Accha Bacha) said: “Vedant if you do not behave like this I would die”.

For that one moment, I was just grinning inside my head and I really wanted to execute a little misconduct and see if that actually happens or not.

Well, jokes apart it is true that sometimes it is important to behave appropriately and you need to act in a dignified way in front a particular crowd but at the same time do not let anyone put a limit to your originality and expressions.

Be the kind of person you are, and go mad at ghaati songs for those dance steps will be the one that will create memories for you to cherish throughout your life and not how some neighbouring aunty wants  you to eat so that you can be ‘Accha Bacha’


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