Book Review 1 : Everything I never told you by Celeste NG

So this was my first literary fiction book. If you are a reader who loves twisted, contorted plots which are flooded with daggers and dripping blood, this book might just not be the right one for you.


However, if you are looking for a little relief from those dark, shadowy characters and detectives hunting for the criminal this the perfect book.

In this book, the death of the protagonist is not gory and centrally attractive. Rather the entwined story behind it which lurks inside the reader is far deeper, darker and wicked. The author has kept the plot rather simple and the book blows your mind by the end.

The first few chapters are slow and when I say slow I mean you have to catapult yourself into reading the next chapter and keep the hopes of discovering a new event or a new piece to the puzzle which remains unsolved till the second last chapter. However, after about the sixth or the seventh chapter, you soon start connecting dots and things seem interesting and you feel like flipping pages to know the end.

It is teeth gritting how the author has managed to pull this entire story of a Chinese-American family by connecting their present to their unquestionably eventful past and giving the reader a glimpse of the future.

Every character in this story has secrets which remain unravelled for almost a good part of the book. However, you will be surprised how the author has slipped in a surprise about the “antagonist” ‘Jack’ and when you discover the mysterious spark of his secret you are nothing less than baffled.

Mrs Allen adds a touch of humour to the book which in itself is untamed and unregulated.

Some chapters are random in their tone and their placement and yet seem perfectly in place when you finish reading the 292nd page of the book.

The characters appear seemingly unrelated and yet the connection is deeply rooted in their behaviour towards each other and their past. How each parent has a trudging relationship with their child and they have an unrelated reason for the same.

A book in the modern times which voices opinions about discrimination on the basis of caste, skin colour, name and sexual orientation is true to be commended and applauded. Not only has the author gone through the trouble of picking up actual instances and drawing upon experiences but the beautiful way of expressing and picturing them is also a reason why one must read the book

In conclusion, this book will not be the best book on your shelf, especially if you are reading literary fiction for the first time but it will definitely change your perspective towards things emotions and everything you never told someone.


2 thoughts on “Book Review 1 : Everything I never told you by Celeste NG

  1. Deept says:

    Your style of writing is mature and thoughtful. I am not into literary fiction never was….
    Interesting use of words in your review are both fashionably oxford and a delight for me.
    May be you can attempt to write a book yourself.
    You have a imaginative mind with good hand at both painting and writing. Must never give up.
    Good luck & blessings !


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