Sensitivity Analysis – ABVP

Misquoting and misunderstanding are what lead to war and violence. The ABVP vs Gurmehar Kaur incident exemplifies this to a large extent.

It is saddening to see and read about an incident which caused a huge stir and turmoil in the lives of 20-year-olds. I being a 20 year old have a stance what is not against or for ABVP but rather about the entire population and the demographic of our country.

How intolerant have we become, why are we creating this controversial issues when our country needs to address much more important topics on our agenda. The priorities of people voicing out their opinions on the topics of minimal concern are outrageous.

Now I do not want to undermine the message voiced by Gurmehar Kaur. We have easily missed the message being portrayed and the read too much in between the lines.

What she meant by

“Pak did not kill my father war did”

was that a war is a medium of not bringing peace but rather increasing the acts of violence which may save the lives of people living farther from the border but kill innocent men and women who have families and have other responsibilities than bordering the border.

While this could threaten a student like her by a group like ABVP it is impertinent to understand the extent to which these groups can go to establish a perspective which well only they believe in.

We as a nation to redefine what democracy actually means and why is it so easy to offend individuals via expressing something personal. Have we lost all integrity? Why does every matter need to be taken to the roads, which I believe is should be the last resort to solve any issue.

Let me highlight a few important issues which actually need to be addressed.

With Donald Trump in power and H1B visa tightening up it seems difficult for the India software and It sector to experience to grow. Japan is fastening and smoothening its visa process which will attract all the rejected applications of candidates from the USA.

Yet here we are unapologetically making twitter headlines about a statement which a student made which was in the best of self-interest. If that line could have possibly made a slight change in people’s perspective has been overshadowed by the outbursts.

We the people choose the government and we are rightful citizens of this country which should grant us the right to speak for and against our country.

Do we need terrorists when we have groups, which can create a coup and threaten students not even adults but students to think twice before voicing a message is intended to change people’s perspective for good?

With scams and vacuous predictions focusing on such issues is not only wasting time but also utilising resources which can be harnessed and well spent somewhere else.

Wealth-X report predicts India will have 4.37 lakh millionaires by 2018, and potentially double that number by 2023. The number of dollar millionaires in India in 2014 rose to 2.5 lakh from 1.96 lakh in 2013, an increase of 27 percent, according to a recent report.

Now if this is not controversial then what is?

This is a seemingly increasing problem that we talk and focus on micro issues so much that we absolutely forget about the macro topics. Our approach is incorrect. The poverty criteria are increasing and the rich-poor disparity is increasing day by day in India.

Fewer jobs, low economic activity, stagnant or rather slow growth can not be resolved by threatening a student.

These reports have not been subject to scrutiny after demonetization, GST and the new rules and regulations brought in action.

These reports are flawed by their thoughts and sources and yet no question is raised.

It is high time we question what we stand for and how we express ourselves because intolerance is only going to increase this way and well –

“Terrorists wouldn’t kill us our own people will”.


2 thoughts on “Sensitivity Analysis – ABVP

  1. Archana Agarwal says:

    It’s a wonderful way of expressing the most vital issue of our state and being a citizen we all should start thinking the same way ie looking for better reasoning rather blaming ….. approach should be towards growth and not towards stagnancy


  2. Deept says:

    Few things:
    – responsible thinking will lead to responsible behaviour
    – what others say should not affect our thought process so easily
    – we may agree to disagree
    – our or state self respect shouldn’t be so fragile
    – freedom does not mean belittling an individual or country
    – rights and responsibility go hand in hand
    – shouldn’t just say things but be the change that we wish to see in the society
    – our weakness of thought or action will always be exploited. Terrorists will be ruthless and destructive, political parties will play for the gallery
    God bless us and our nation


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