Everything wrong about Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp.

It is no headlines now that Facebook, social media giant, acquired Whatsapp and Instagram after failing to acquire Snapchat due to the wrong valuation and incorrect negotiations.

However, that was no hurdle for Facebook in copying the tools offered by Snapchat to spread information and integrating them in both of its subsidiaries.

The status updates and live story are two things which were not truly meant for Whatsapp and Instagram. Now, things which are not meant are not necessarily wrong but in this situation it is. Let me tell you why.

The first reason being non-uniformity of people viewing your stories. Friends and family members and the dating website creeps can all see your story on Whatsapp!

As if it was already not enough to keep yourself updated via Snapchat stories, now people have started putting up stories on Instagram and Whatsapp which makes me cringe.

Also, where is the differentiation? This calls into question this act as cannibalistic as Facebook is not making any efforts in making all three platforms the same.

Why would someone use Instagram and Whatsapp separately when you can avail the same technology on either of them. As it is the updates for Whatsapp and Facebook were of 100 – 120 Mb and these updates have made them even larger. Heavy duty use of technology consumers not only makes the internet consumption faster but also time-consuming.

Instagram was not created with this ideology. Mixing up of core ideas is what is happening.

Facebook, was to act as a medium of sharing news, marketing information and staying connected with old friends, which has now become a medium to voice out opinions and update people about what is going on from minute to minute in their lives thanks to the live video.

Instagram was intended to be a platform of using filters to make a photo look abstract and give it a different perspective which has again turned into a live story sharing platform.

Whatsapp was never meant to be a live sharing platform since it has our family members who can view stories the latest update seems rather redundant.

What I speculate from this is that soon traffic is going to coagulate at only one of these apps rather than a separate set of consumers. Even though the target audience is same for each of these apps, the purpose for which people used each of them was different. It is an era where we are facing a converging phenomenon.

However, the story with Snapchat is completely different. There are no subsidiaries under Snapchat and it functions on a sole proprietary basis. Snapchat was one a kind app which exists only to share a minuscule moment of your life after which the story disappears. The app was created as someone regretted sending a friend a picture (we all know the possibility of what that picture could have been).

While all the pop news feed channels are subscribed at Snapchat there is a lot of struggle which Snapchat may eventually face. The cannibalistic approach adopted by Facebook can actually drive snappers away from Snapchat.

Why download Snapchat when you get the same sort of technology and services on Whatsapp or Instagram.

The only answer to this question is the next update which each of these portals creates. The next update will be crucial in deciding which portal will lead the marketplace and win the race in the social media segment.

One disadvantage which Snapchat faces though is that they cannot display ads of firms other that Buzzfeed or Huffington post yet under their umbrella they have more than 10 brands. Also for special occasions, they charge the organising team of the events for a special filter.

The revenue model for the all the portals is the same wherein their main source of income is via advertising.



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