Strawberry Fest: Jammed or Pickled?

The in-season berry which is making headlines in Mumbai is strawberry. To celebrate the much-acclaimed love, there was a strawberry fest in Mumbai on the 4th of March at corona garden near bungalow 9.

My friends and I decided to visit the strawberry fest and turns out that we had expectations which were a little unmatched. However, the fest was not so bad.

As their marketing page suggested they did have games and food stalls and shopping stalls, but a little less vibrant. There were shops selling a myriad number of items and there were a lot of different things on display.

The only fact which cringed on us was that it was a bright sunny day and they could have left the ceiling open for the sunlight to come in and decorated the place in a little more vibrant and colourful fashion.

The first stall we ran into was a typical teenage stall which sold diaries, notebooks, notepads and other accessories. Right opposite it was a stall which had fresh farm picked strawberries.

When we entered we were dazzled by the aroma of this little pastry stall which served bundt cake with berries and strawberry brownies. They also had some jams and pickles to taste and were neatly designed.



We also came across stalls which had Vodka Strawberry chilli ice cream and old monk rum cake ice cream.

Another stall hosted a beautiful jar with pink lemonade and some salads near the side. These salads weren’t ordinary, they had noodles and basil and fresh cut strawberries with pine nuts. The same lady who was selling the salads was also selling aromatic and lovely tasting salad dressings and chutneys.

The one which was our favourite was the Strawberry garlic dressing, though the varieties of dressings were vast. IMG_0826.JPG

There were stalls selling freshly prepared strawberry BBQ sauce and also fresh strawberry jams.

All in all, I would say the drapes and the decorations could have been better and the strawberry could have been highlighted in a sweeter way. We enjoyed somewhat and I would rate the whole effort a 5/10. The stalls could have displayed more products and there could more things where people could interact with rather than eat.

A little reprise from the disappointment was the small tea antique shop which we spotted right across the road. had all varieties of teas and accessories you need to make tea. With ancient Chinese pots to floral tea kettles to flavours in Darjeeling tea, this shop housed it all. Do make an effort to check it out. Adios and keep reading.img_0834.jpg



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