The unconventional startup: Tune Out

Tune Out is Mumbai based startup which is unconventionally breaking all the conventional ground rules of running a startup. 

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Initially, it started off just as an idea wherein two roommates Shagufta Khan and Poorvaja Sundar blogged about their travel experiences to unknown and not so mainstream locations and geographical pins. However, they have grown to have a customer base of 150 travellers and have signed 3 corporate deals recently.

The whole idea of their business is to provide an unforgettable experience to travellers from all around the world and give a taste of the rich yet different culture, heritage, history, food and lifestyle of a particular location in India.

They offer the services of making a booking to the place and providing you with an itinerary and are currently developing a system to book the travel ride for a customer as well.

Shagufta said ” Well, it was not intentional to bring two girls in a group and start off the business but fortunately for us, customers of foreign origin trust us, even more, when we state that since both of us have been to a location, it is completely safe and hygienic. Especially in a country where the safety of a woman traveller is doubted and people are sceptical regarding that aspect, they trust us fully.

Even while networking events, we have received more attention due to our unconventional idea and team composition. Well, another plausible reason could be that I look so good.”

They conducted a proof of concept three months before and had an event on New years which is hugely celebrated.

It was sad and disheartening for her to see a small number of woman entrepreneurs at networking events and blatantly said how can people discriminate when woman do not turn up for events at all.

If someone has doubts as to how these two girls have gained industry knowledge and expertise within a small time well they bag packed and set on adventure trails to locations on a map where they spotted a lake and a hill.

They divide the work on the basis of each one’s area of interest and work towards making the business a more successful one.

Now, the question arises as to how they dealt with Indian family taunts of ‘Do an MBA’ or ‘Get married now’.

Fortunately, the marriage pressure for either of them has not arrived yet and regarding MBA and further studies Shagufta said that “Well I understand that it is important to have an MBA degree and specialisation and I will eventually do it but right now it is not my priority.”

The issues they faced were innumerable. Well, now the competition has expanded to companies which are involved in renting tents, booking travel conveyance, making an itinerary, and everything involved in the planning of the trip.

Legalities involved and ensuring the safety of the customers have been the top priorities of these girls, wherein ensuring protection from wild animals and clean sleeping arrangements can make or break their deal with corporates or customers.

Also when asked as to how would you motivate the other women entrepreneurs who would want to start their own business, they had an opinion that it does not matter whether an idea is big or small, as long as it is an idea and as long as it is feasible, just start doing it. Do not spend time thinking of steps beyond your reach because you will eventually get there. Prove the people that the idea is great and successful at a small scale and gradually work your way up and you will reach our targets easily.

Started with bootstrapping tune out is currently seeking seed funding and growing the business on multiple levels.


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