A Pirated Tale: Story pirates at Oddbird theatre

When I visited Delhi for vacations, I happened to have the opportunity to attend an amazing workshop at the OddBird Theatre. This Theatre is in Chattarpur located at a secluded place and yet has thrived and is beautiful.

The workshop was conducted by Story Pirates. To tell you all a little about them, Story Pirates is a USA based and found company. What their objective is to use theatrics to develop teaching methods and make lessons more comprehensive for the children. Now the first question would be to ask as to can it be used in the corporate for training purposes?

In an interview round with Sam and Jason (the pirates from the story pirates conducting the workshop), they mentioned that they use dynamics and pairing work in a lot of their art pieces which can be used to create situational incidents and hence enhance the training objective.

Sam and Jason had been in India for almost 2 weeks and had been performing adaptations of stories written by children in the American Embassy, in Chennai and also the German school.

The workshop began by introducing all the participants and informing them regarding the style of teaching as to how it is improvisational and how in story pirates talking is a huge component.


It all started when a small student group in Northwestern University started adapting stories written by young kids and started performing them as plays including musicals and fictional characters to make it more compelling for the kids to listen and learn.

They have been rather inspired by the Warner Bros. Cartoon series which enables them to enact animals out and bring imaginary characters to life.

They have also travelled various places such as Myanmar, Singapore and much more. This accounts for a lot of experience. In the interview round when asked as to are they not scared if a particular story is in the authentic original language and while translating it to the English language they might miss the essence, they replied saying “Yes, we are. But we work closely and collaborate with the locals of the country to replicate the emotions, idioms and phrases which are crucial in holding the story together. In fact, for a play in Spain, we actually performed it in Spanish to not change the story and not miss the intricate details.”


In the workshop they actually teach you how to create stories, fictional characters, create musical pieces, and also grab the attention of kids while keeping it all simple (Though this all sounds hard).

When asked as to what is the purpose and how far do they want to go, they replied by saying ” There are lots of valuable work opportunities. In the USA itself, some institutions are extremely rich and the resources are not doled out equally to the other institutions. Kids from the low-income group do not have as equal an opportunity as the kids from the high-income group and they want this style of teaching to be available to all the kids.”

When asked as to why all the institutions have not yet adopted this mode of teaching they replied by saying “The credit would go to the lack of awareness amongst people. Also, people conducting similar workshops may not be that compelling to convince of their work. It is an important style of teaching and must be combined with the course curriculum to enhance the teaching and make learning a fun process for kids.”


Story Pirates in doing some phenomenal work. They are “tuning on” with radio plays and also performing at the NY science Museum.

It is extremely fun. You learn to interact with various people of diverse age groups and converge the skills of each one of them to pull something spectacular on stage. It is a fun way to teach your kids or just learn some new skill. They use props, tools and may more. You can also start taking part in theatre plays as the methods and ways they use are extremely simple since it is for the kids.

This workshop will not only empower you and make you aware but can also enhance your creative side. It might happen in Delhi again so do not miss your chance and get your seats booked. Catch story pirates for one of their plays in NY city and watch their videos on Youtube.




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