Book Review 2: Flawed by Cecelia Ahern

Flawed was a book suggested by a friend of mine and she actually loved the book. Now first things first, YA Fiction is half genre and a half reading age. YA stands for a Young Adult which indicates the age range this book is advised for. YA usually categorises and provides for individuals in the age range of 13-19.

The story is heart stopping without a doubt and the book picks up the pace in the middle chapters, however, I felt the book loses its charm towards the end. The author has ended the book with some loose strings since a sequel is planned to be launched.

My favourite character in the book is Pia Wang that is the news reporter due to her mixed personalities and ultimately the character who hunts for logic and truth at the end.

The book is rather dramatic for a fiction book and revolves around a particular incident throughout. It seems to fizz out in the end and the enthusiasm to read the book slowly declines. Despite clear and minimal characters, there are things which are a little contradictory in the book and it seems the author has tried hard to grasp the attention of the reader.

Even in fiction novels to help the reader through, there must be a part which the reader should feel connected to and I think those bits which tie the reader to the story were missing. There could be a few scenes of reality or a little more mention of something more generally relatable.

With pieces such as P.S. I love you and much more, Cecelia Ahern has a very different approach and style of writing for this series and personally did not impress me as much as the others did.


I am not eagerly waiting for the sequel but I would still pick it up just to round the story and reach a conclusion as a fiction book is always only satisfying when you reach the end.

One more thing which the book tried to put out was a tad bit mystery which again did not build up any tension in me.

It is a teenage, dramatic book which perhaps teenagers would connect well with and I would recommend you to give it a shot when you want to read something out of the blue but this book is definitely not on my favourites list.

To give it a fair rating I would say 2.5 out of 5.


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