Why “moving on” requires hard work!

To begin with, no matter whether we are psychopaths or dysfunctional aliens, our heart pumps and our mind processes feelings and emotions. Neither of us processes such information in quite the same way. There are different ways each of us reacts to such a situation and overcoming that reaction is what is difficult. For some, it is the anxiety, the fear of losing, the excitement of new beginning or the resistance to change.

Humans are a social creature who form a bond with at least one creature, thing or a vivid imagination. We expect we give and the cycle of expectations and giving never ends. “Distance makes the heart grow fonder” but it also makes keeping in physical touch, to analyse the truth difficult.

There is only so much possible which can be done over a telephone call or pictures or messages. It is the cruel attachment and the infatuation and the proximity to the bond which when grow weaker makes us feel terrible and tempts us to cling on.

We must learn that in life, trivial matters need not be given importance and an effort in a big or small way will always make a difference. Letting go of ego, honestly and full-heartedly with no woes and nothing against someone is truly moving on. Moving on does not necessarily mean ending things and forgetting all memories, it means facing the reality, the reason for one’s existence and fulfilling that.

The things which matter and are bound to happen will never go and will happen. Ever heard of Murphy’s Law?

Quoting the Mahabharata/ Bhagavad Gita – Life is a cycle with no ends, it’s a revolution, where an individual enters in a form and re-enters in another from till it completes it’s purpose and is reborn with another purpose.

What we should fear is not moving on, not losing people but accomplishing things which make one’s life memorable.

We have multiple roles and multiple purposes which should be our priority. Connections, efforts and things only fall in place if your purpose is your focus.

Adios or goodbye should not mean departure but should mean transformation.

Keep your friends who genuinely care about you close, and face reality with a feeling of growth and progress. Moving on means creating better opportunities, progressing with more knowledge and creating an atmosphere which one must feel comfortable stabilising themselves in.

Why cry or worry about the past, when you can make the future better?

So Adios or welcome?


4 thoughts on “Why “moving on” requires hard work!

  1. Archana says:

    It’s a wonderful thought and intense beginning ….. I wish u luck and wisdom on this path of moving on…. grab the opportunities before they vanish


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