Is failing okay?

Before I jump to answering that question let us first address what failing is?

Failing is not the same as losing. Losing is when you are competing with someone else, it could be to someone known or someone unknown. However, failing is a lot more personal. It is the recurring loss against our own expectations. We often and must challenge ourselves. However, sometimes we get distracted and sometimes our expectations are not too realistic.

Failure happens when we forget our goals and aims and rather concentrate on other things which for that moment hold more priority in our lives. Why do we fail if these things are short lived and temporary? It is because small steps help us achieve our long-term goals.

Deviation, distractions, demotion can often lead us to failure. How many times, do we pause and actually state the fact that these deviations, demotion and distractions are necessary? Our minds are bogged by constantly running, chasing those dreams and expectations. We set out to do tasks but we often forget to take a break and we ultimately break down. It is okay to fail. It is okay to accept that you need a break and it is okay to not beat yourself to something which is not entirely your fault. There could be minor breakdowns and distractions but perseverance is all that matters.

We must not forget that we live in a world where every individual is perfectly imperfect and that our flaws and vulnerabilities cannot be hidden away. We must embrace them and face them. Facing reality and accepting the truth is better than turning a blind face towards mistakes and failure and continuing without improving on them.

At is at these moments that we should build a stronghold for our weaknesses and strengthen our skills so as to become competent and efficient. Effectiveness can only be achieved when we are aware of our own flaws, deformities and abnormalities. Judging ourselves, beating ourselves down and punishing ourselves is no solution. The better way to react is to understand, work upon and build ourselves.

The silver lining, resilience, bottom line ever heard of these? There is only so much bad that can happen and we must be grateful for every second opportunity we get. We must build resilience to failure but at the same time acknowledge it. We should also always look at the positive side or the learning outcomes from a failure.

It is these qualities that help us continuity with minor breakdowns but still achieve our goals.


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