Heineken – Creative beer company

Does Heineken sell beer? Well, until now it did but its selling perspectives. If you have not yet seen the ad which is reaching millions of people, I recommend you to watch it as soon as possible.

This ad defies all politically incorrect statements and brings out a fresh perspective. Can two strangers, who possibly are not so accomplished as we would like them to be before they go out and teach us something, actually teach us something?

This ad tells you to be opinionated, asks you to be different and asks you to sit across someone with probably a diametrically opposite view on a particular topic and DISCUSS.

Yes, you read it right, it simply asks you to discuss. This advertisement is a definition changer for the kind of social experiments we are used to and is explicit in its own ways. Now the question arises is it capital intensive? Is it an ad which required a lot of resources?

This ad shouts simplicity. It is so beautifully thought through and so beautifully conducted that the ad proves out to be flawless. With increasing focus on shout outs and using social media for marketing, ads like the one which Vicks launched and the ad now by Heineken are some of the ads which focus on building human touch, carving human emotions to suit the universe and emphasis on relationships.




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