The masquerade party!

” We live in an age where everything is staged and all we do is fake our feelings” – Jon Bellion.


Does it not seem that slowly all the originality is being sucked from this world, a place is soon to exist where an ounce of creativity will be an expensive and scarce commodity.

It is imperative to not think. But why are we constantly escaping ideas, expressions and emotions? Are we scared of the retaliation? Maybe.

Things will not always go your way. We are hardwired to believe that whatever does not happen according to our whims and fancies is wrong. Due to this, we fake our feelings, escaping not only judgements of others but lying to our own selves, till we break down and erupt and our emotions gush out in an uncontrollable way.

This leads to regret, anger, irritation, self-criticism, and kicking ourselves in the gut to live in a world of pain. The vicious cycle begins and we see no end of the tunnel and we feel stuck. This is what we in simple words call stress, hopelessness, loss of faith and a feeling not being able to cope up with life.

How could you possibly cope up when your desires are not aligned with what is happening in reality? The Past is just a figment of our imagination and the future is something which is not in our hands and yet most of our “moments” are gone in living hypothetical situations, psychoanalysing them. It is only this moment that matters and nothing else.

Now desires are an important part of life. If you do not desire how will you achieve. So the problem is not in desiring but with what intensity you desire is something we need to understand. Once that is in check our feelings will automatically subside and anger will be replaced with content and hopelessness will be replaced by happiness.

It is important that we start appreciating what we have and be grateful for eventually things we cannot achieve will be unachievable but the tings we can sit back and enjoy will be scarred by our ignorance.

Take an oath to be true to yourself, if you like something say it out aloud if you dislike something say it aloud not to disturb or impose yourself on anyone but just to tell everyone this is who you are and these are things which make you up and nobody can disturb that foundation.

Everyone has a different view and different ideology but we accept those views and be clear of what we stand for hating and disliking each other and stress will be a problem of the “past” which we are not supposed to think about ever again.

Be genuine. Be you.


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