Seriously Hilarious

Have you guys ever realised how time is relative? The day you are dull – time is like ticking and the sun just does not seem to set down, that bitch made it hard for me to sleep for long anyway. And the days you are giddy, gay and ecstatic (that is also my Instagram name) the day just collapses and is ‘Gone with the wind’.

Things are funny! Seriously if we choose to notice them. Do you realise how important pain is in our life? Well if it was not for pain, people cry about carrying their hearts on their sleeves and you could know where that heart would be if it was not for pain.

The point of these lame jokes that I am trying to make is that things and moments can be cherished and found to be enjoyable if we overlook the obscurity of situations and find the bright side of things.

We often stand to knock at the closed doors for long enough to not realise that there are plenty of opportunities that have whizzed by us and we have ignored them.

Exaggeration is only an element that manifests itself when we allow our past to collide with our present. It is like the snowball effect.  The more you carry forward the bigger it becomes. Pain and suffering are two separate things which have to be dealt separately. Pain is inevitable but suffering is escapable.

Things are funny and hilarious if you allow them to dominate. When you get angry you are not affecting your enemies but harming your own self.

You cannot act dull and depend on things to bring you happiness. It is the pridefulness present inside of yourself that has the capacity to paint this whole world in the colours you want.

Beating yourself up for situations out of your control is a way to slowly demotivate yourself. Every human is different and the way things shape up and shape down is also different. Just because someone got it earlier or you have to put in a little more work does not mean results will not show. Be patient and keep laughing for a smile could get you a long way. Things change and they change for good. To see the bright side you must know what lies on the darker side.

You can not buy a book that tells you what happens next in your life. You will soon get bored and would want to commit suicide to prove the book wrong. Life is depressing if it would be predictable. Movies are boring if they were predictable then why do we try to draw regression lines on our life and forecast what is going to happen next?

Just enjoy the things the way they come for all you know you might not live tomorrow. It is not a guarantee, do not take life for granted for it could forget you exist too. Seriously funny isn’t it?

Keep reading and keep sharing.

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