Kundli – Tinder for parents


/Koon- duh -lee/


An astrological / horoscope chart made in accordance with the place, the day and the time an individual is born also known as physical Tinder for parents.

“The ‘Bichaulia’ matched his KUNDLI with her KUNDLI”.

There – there to all those who are slightly lost with the inadvertent usage of terms and words in the previous lines, you will be soon out of the woods and you will follow up.



With the advent of arrange marriage as a primary tool to tackle the “issue” of being “single” – Kundlis have been extremely prominent and a renowned tool. However, this has legit become a business and more so a dating app for parents.

Kundlis cannot be derogated or impaled by those against the idea as there is some science behind it, but what I fail to understand is how has it reached to a level where it serves as a constitution for having two people fall in love. It has more so become a condition which is prefixed before marriage. Regardless of the celebrations involved in a big fat wedding, the big fat tears of happiness leaking out of the eyes of parents and family members, when 7/10 characteristics of the kundlis match, are the real thing.


Marriage proposals and ideas have shattered when the Pandit has come out with a shaking head and said “the kundlis don’t match’. Generations have been restricted and this continues to be an amusing tradition which sometimes does fill stomachs and pockets of the kundli freelancers a.k.a. ‘Bichaulias’.

Bichaulias are pandits who sit in their free time, adopt matching kundlis as their hobby and give calls to parents when kundlis match to fix up a date ( that is legit my back up career if Masters fails). Have you done something similar before? Does this ring a bell?


Yes, his/ her picture with a profile starting with the adjective “adventurous” and ending at “pogonophile”, “bibliophile” he swiped right and so did you and voila! you are on a date.


Kundli matching can undoubtfully be called real life Tinder but for parents. It has become a matrimonial community where parents or the bichaulias decide the fate of two strangers who probably, do not even believe in horoscope.

Hilarious as it sounds, Kundlis have become restrictive and binding which fails the purpose they were created for. Their ideal, primary purpose is to be suggestive than authoritative and aid in choosing a partner and not be the sole deciding factor.

We have rampantly confused the two and made a business out of this, where logic fails and intuition of someone who probably treats it as a hobby is taken as a final verdict. We have stopped investigating and love has taken a back seat.

So while we’re at it, and while the opinion of the pandit should matter, the ultimate result is what the two individuals have to bear, and hence the idea should be let them match their interests and I am not talking about BuzzFeed quiz scores here.

It is after all those two individuals who have to spend their lives together and don’t we think, them matching and them having a sound relationship is more important than their stars shining and what if there is a “fault in their stars”? Does that rule out the possibility of those two individuals falling in love?

I think it is the time that we rethink how much importance we give to overly restrictive facts and reality and I know it comes down to each and every individual’s belief system, but don’t let these restrictive figures become stifling and make you compromise.

Keep swiping, keep matching but don’t let it rule your decision, you’re the one who is going to get married not the KUNDLI.


One thought on “Kundli – Tinder for parents

  1. Archana Agarwal says:

    Amazing logical reasoning… I like the idea of not fully disbelieving kundlis…. but certainly the thought process to re-evaluate its forcibility has started …. thanks for spreading awareness


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