Kundli – Tinder for parents

KUNDLI /Koon- duh -lee/ noun An astrological / horoscope chart made in accordance with the place, the day and the time an individual is born also known as physical Tinder for parents. "The 'Bichaulia' matched his KUNDLI with her KUNDLI". There - there to all those who are slightly lost with the inadvertent usage of terms … Continue reading Kundli – Tinder for parents


The Monopoly of Monogamy

With the advent of dating apps and pace of relationships racing from dates to mates and weddings to divorces, a term constantly rubbed in my face is ' Open - Relationship'. One of them said, "Well, we all are made differently". This actually got me to wonder, is my brain a malfunctioning organ (which most … Continue reading The Monopoly of Monogamy